CBD Oil Options for First-Time Users

People are allowed to use CBD for different purposes. There\’s no discrimination as long as it is used correctly. Some options for newbies include; CBD topicals, vapes, sprays, and edibles.

The rise of CBD products in the market has attracted a lot of interest from individuals. Most people want to use CBD oil, but they are not sure of the options that would best suit them. The hype around the benefits has made people want to know the best CBD oil to use. Some people want to see whether these acclaimed benefits are true or faux. It is hard for beginners to choose which method they can use, and it may be that they do not know the methods themselves. This article explains the various options they can choose and which works best for them. Some of the options that one should choose from include;

CBD Oil Topicals

CBD oil topicals exist in different forms. They include lotions, balms, patches, bath bombs, salts, soaks, and serums. A person does not have to taste the CBD oil as it entails applying it to their skin. According to Younger (2019), when CBD oil, like lotions, creams, and balms, is applied to the affected area or the whole body, it interacts with the cannabinoid receptors, which signals that a new substance is present and helps regulate the various functions of the parts of the body. Therefore, they do not go through the digestive system but are absorbed by the skin through the cannabinoid receptors and sent to the bloodstream. Kaushal (2012) suggested that CBD topicals\’ effects are only felt in the area where it is applied. This, therefore, means that for them to be effective in the whole body, a person needs to use bath bombs, salts, and soaks.

The bath bombs soak, and the salts are put into water and allowed to dissolve for some time. A person can then soak themselves in the water and allow the No Cap Hemp Co THC Cartridges to be absorbed by the body. This topical effect can be felt as you have soaked the whole body into the water. CBD oil can get into the skin and perform its benefits. However, the effects of CBD topicals are short-lived and cannot be relied upon.

CBD Oil Vapes

There are different forms of CBD vapes an individual can use. They include vape cartridges, tanks, and pens. Some are reusable, while others are nonreusable. The latter is filled with CBD-infused liquids; once they are finished, they are discarded. Those that can be reused, like the vape tanks, have replaceable atomizers that an individual can add to the e-liquid anytime they are finished. However, CBD vape has a heating oil that can decompose and may be filled with air and oxidize. This will make them wear out, meaning you will have to get another vape. Struik & Yang (2021) suggested that some people prefer using vaping because they do not take a longer time for their effects to be felt. The negative part of using vapes is that their effects are short-lived.

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are the most common CBD oil product to try out. They are found in droppers that can be taken as a dosage. These are the most commonly used CBD oil product. Their main method of consumption is oral but in a sublingual way. They are placed underneath the tongue and allowed to be absorbed for a while. The mucous membranes absorb the CBD oil and transfer it to the bloodstream. This method is efficient as it does not take time since digestion does not take place. This means that their effects are quick.

CBD Oil Edibles

CBD-Infused Gummies edibles are ingested. This means they can either be chewed or eaten. Most edibles appear sweeteners like gummies, sweets, cookies, and mints. They come in different flavors. Some are fruity, while others are juicy. It is all about preference. Some people love this method because it does not leave a person with a distasteful taste in the mouth. They can as well be taken sublingually. You must place them under the tongue for a while and let the mucous membranes absorb them.

CBD Oil Capsules

CBD oil capsules are similar to CBD edibles because they consume them through ingesting them. However, a person does not chew or eat them. According to Aliferis et al. (2020), CBD oil capsules assist in covering the awful taste found in CBD oil. Most of the capsules are filled in powdered form.

CBD Oil Sprays

CBD oil sprays exist in two types; body and oral sprays. Body sprays are used in instances when one wants to relieve some pain in an affected area. They can be classified as topicals in some way. There are also oral sprays which are great when one wants to have small dosages. Atsmon et al. (2018) stated that CBD sprays are effective as each dose takes time to be absorbed into the body, releasing them one after the other.

CBD Concentrates

CBD concentrates products are mostly preferred by individuals who are into taking large doses. They are a compound of CBD Oil that are in concentrated form. They are mostly used by those prescribed to consume CBD oil but in higher amounts or those with a busy schedule who do not find it easy to commit themselves to take the CBD oil regularly. They are found in different forms. They include; isolates, wax, powders, and distillates.

How Long Do The CBD Effects Take To Last?

The time for CBD to last in the body depends on several factors. They include;

  • The amount of CBD oil that you consumed
  • The method of consumption
  • The tolerance of an individual to CBD oil.


The great thing about CBD oil is that you may have various options. The options are great as one can choose the ones they feel comfortable with. Try the tinctures, vapes, concentrates, topicals and edibles, and be assured and choose the one you feel suits you and are comfortable with. However, before you choose and settle on a particular method, ensure you consult a health practitioner or a doctor so that they can tell if you are fit enough to absorb the CBD oil and you are informed of the side effects and the risks that are associated with the use of CBD oil.


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