CBD Oil in South Dakota: Everything You Need to Know

CBD oil is still illegal in Dakota. However, a CBD user may still want to know where and how to buy CBD oil in South Dakota. Read this article to know why people use CBD oil.

CBD oil has been popular in most parts of the US ever since the federal government, through the Farm Bill, 2018, removed hemp from the Controlled Substances Act, which was listed besides hard drugs such as LSD and heroin. Marijuana remains on the list of controlled substances. Unlike most states in the US, which agreed with the Farm Bill, South Dakota is still reluctant about the legality of hemp and hemp products, including No Cap Hemp Co THC blunts; therefore, CBD oil is illegal in South Dakota.

Why Do People Use CBD Oil?

CBD oil is popular because it is versatile and can therefore be used to turn edibles, topicals, and inhalants into CBD products. In the states where CBD oil is not prohibited, the buyers can access it in as many forms as they wish as the CBD oil can also be used as an additive in DIYs (Do It Yourself). Bitencourt &Takahashi (2018) opined that CBD might be used to manage traumatic memories. Teitelbaum (2019) highlighted the following as more reasons why people may use No Cap Hemp Co THC blunts and CBD oil;

For Relaxation

The CBD oil may have components that may help the user relax. It has been used over centuries to help the user-facing emotional problems such as stress, depression, anxiety and mood swings, and panic attacks to relax.

For Pain Relief and As an Anti-Inflammatory Agent

CBD oil is useful as a painkiller and works as well as any over-the-counter painkiller and anti-inflammatory. It works by stopping the neurotransmitters from sending signals to the brain. CBD oil has also been used as an antibiotic, a moisturizer, and a cure for acne. Although anecdotal and not scientifically backed, the benefits of CBD are inexhaustible. Gray& Whalley (2020) mentioned epidiolex as one medicine derived from CBD and available as conventional medicine for epilepsy.

Is CBD Oil Legal In South Dakota?

CBD products are still illegal in South Dakota. The reason hemp is still not embraced in South Dakota may be because of the controversial topic involving THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in hemp and marijuana. CBD (cannabidiol) is a substance that exists naturally in hemp and marijuana alongside THC and many other chemical components. It may confuse some people that hemp is legal in the same states where marijuana is illegal, yet they both have some THC. Marijuana and hemp are not the same, and the difference is because of their THC content in them. When governments prohibit marijuana, the main focus is on THC because THC is the substance that makes the user euphoric. Most states approve the use of hemp and its derivatives so long as it is less than 0.3%. The THC content in marijuana is too high and may go up to 90%. When you use marijuana and you \”feel high\”, THC is the substance responsible for that feeling. The legal position of South Dakota on hemp may be in the gray area because hemp contains some THC, although in a negligible amount. Using CBD Infused Gummy Bears in South Dakota may draw a harsh penalty because the amount of THC is illegal. You may not sell, supply, or sell Cannabidiol Gummies in North Dakota.

Why Is CBD Oil Illegal In South Dakota?

CBD oil is illegal in South Dakota because hemp and its components are illegal. Hemp is probably illegal in South Dakota because of the presence of THC in it. South Dakota may be reluctant to accept the Farm Bill because it does not intend to create a loophole for the usage of THC. Most countries that ban cannabis do so because of the THC content, and those that ban the use of cannabis completely may do so because they do not want anything to do with THC. However, in banning hemp, South Dakota has denied CBD users an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of CBD, which is essentially harmless. The side effects only arise when CBD is used improperly, as with any other over-the-counter medicine.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil In South Dakota?

CBD oil is illegal in South Dakota, so the simple answer is that if you may want to consume it legally, you cannot have it in South Dakota. There are two loopholes, though. The first loophole is that you can buy CBD oil online. The second loophole is that the federal law has laced the CBD oil THC legal so long as the THC is 0.3% or below. Therefore, nothing can stop someone from sending it to you via mail from other states where CBD Oil is legal. However, be sure to face the penalties or jail terms for possessing CBD oil, as it is illegal to possess, sell, grow and use CBD oil. It is worth noting that South Dakota has not specifically prohibited CBD oil but all hemp-derived products. Just like marijuana-derived products are forbidden in South Dakota, CBD and all CBD products, including CBD oil, are also illegal.

How Old Should I Be To Buy CBD Oil In South Dakota?

That will be between the retailer and you from wherever you buy the CBD oil because it is illegal in South Dakota for all ages.

Should I Use the Doctor’s Prescription When Buying CBD Oil in South Dakota?

You cannot buy CBD oil in South Dakota with a doctor’s prescription because CBD oil is legally not available in South Dakota.


CBD oil is legally unavailable in South Dakota; therefore, buying it is a challenge to the user who may opt to obtain it illegally. Before buying CBD, it is important to research the usage of CBD oil because while Cannabidiol is harmless, it does have side effects like any other drug. While purchasing CBD oil online, first-time users of CBD oil may read through the customer reviews keenly to base their decision on the customers\’ opinions. It is important to know that CBD oil\’s additives may harm your health; therefore, you may go through the additives and the ingredients with a doctor.


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